Fall is here! So you know what that means, sweaters, hot coco, and thigh high boots! Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. Watching the leaves fall, bundling up, getting the new Starbucks flavored coffee, and adding fur to my wardrobe. During this season love to wake up and drink my hot cider, light my Winter Wonderland candle and throw a big blanket over my back! The best part of Fall is Thanksgiving of course, helping mom make the greens, the yams with pineapple topping, the turkey of course,and the homemade mac & cheese, Hmmh, Hmmh, Hmmh! I’m already to eat. The most spectacular part of Fall to me is Black Friday. I am a sucker for madness! Not Walmart madness, but more of a people all over the place shopping and having tons of bags in their hands kind of madness. Being a fashionista, a sale is like giving a bacon treat to a dog. It’s the Mecca of shopping seeing red tags and discounts off of the discount on the red tag is just everything. My last favorite this about fall is family time and Christmas is near. There’s nothing like celebrating your life with your family and soul food. Love my family and the holidays, to all my readers: comment and let me know what’s your favorite part of the holidays. 

And remember:

            Stay Fabulous. Stay Chic. Stay Fierce

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