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Its the New Year! I apologize for my absence, A lot has happened side my last post. Most importantly, I MOVED TO LA! Yes! I started a fashion pr internship with a company called Post + Beam right in the heart of DTLA ( Downtown Los Angeles). It is so awesome waking up and walking down the streets of LA. I love that I’m finally here and can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Searching for the Internship


I knew I wanted to be in the Fashion Industry, though I had no clue what I wanted to be. All I knew was I wanted Anne Hathaway’s job in “The Devil Wear Prada” movie. I want that run around, and craziness of the fashion world. I want to go to Red Carpet events, and stand behind a major editor and learn from her everyday! I also knew I wanted to stay on the business side of fashion, like working behind the scenes at fashion shows and talking with editors and stylists. Thats how I stumbled upon Fashion PR!

I FOUND What I Was Looking For


After I decided that wanted to try Fashion PR, I had to find an internship available. This was the hard part. But lucky I went through the struggle so you all don’t have to! I went to,,, and Finally found Post + Beam on and ALWAYS shares great internship/career opportunities. If you are looking for one I would try LookSharp and Fashionista first.

What is Fashion PR?

Fashion PR is a multi-faceted industry. First, PR stands for Public Relations, within a public relations agency, they will have several clients. These clients send the PR agency samples to their showroom. Then, stylists and editors will visit several different showrooms in order to find looks for a photoshoot, or a T.V. show or even a celebrities wardrobe. These stylists and editors will then check out items from the showrooms they visit at different fashion PR agencies; If the items they choose are selected and used for that shoot, the PR agency gets contacted and lets them know that they will be using the pieces from that agencies client. This is great news to the PR agency, because they can now do a “press clipping” of the publication that their piece is featured in and send it off to the client.

Press Clipping: Copy and pasting the featured items from the publication and forming them together in a word document, or photoshop. EX: ( This is a Press Clipping I created for We Are Handsome, A swim war brand, posted by the Publication: 

1_12_DailyMail.comLets get to the Fashion!

So, figuring out what to wear to a fashion internship everyday can be a little challenging. Do I give them high fashion everyday I work? Is it important to have in season designs straight from the run way? Can I even afford clothes right off the runway?



In a fashion job, I have learned that it is always best to just go business casual-chic the first couple of days or week 1. Then, once you get a feel for what everyone is wearing or if your supervisor tells you theres a dress code, follow that!

But ALWAYS show your personality through your clothes. I mean it is fashion! An art form that has transformed into personal style and creativity. I am personally a high fashion FREAK! I love mimicking collections that came right off the runway, and making it affordable. Here is an outfit that I put together for one of my days in the office.




The Vest


This vest I actually created myself! I designed and sewed this vest! I love it so much! Originally I was going to make  black fur coat, but I decided that Ill never get to wear it because its so hot in Cali. I love this piece because its the accessory. This is the fashion statement piece, it allows me to be fashionable while keeping professional office attire.

The Skirt


I bought this skirt from Express! This store is perfect for the young fashion forward business professional . Its length it perfect and very stylish, it also has a slight sex appeal to it which is always a plus. I love that I can add a sophisticated line to my business  wardrobe.


The Shoes

These shoes are Vince Camuto. I bought them at Nordstrom, for a great price. Nordstrom is great for business heels! They are very comfortable and stylish. I love that this particular  pair has a strap to lock in my foot when I’m strutting on the streets of LA.


That is it for now my lovely ladies! Stay tuned because I will now be posting once a week . Keeping you updated on more fashion, beauty, and life finds.  I love you all And look Forward to next week.




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