Fine Dining in Long Beach

So you all know the food in California is legendary! This time we are taking our exploration the the city of Long Beach. This city has everything from indian cuisine to Chinese authenticities. You all also know how much of a foodie I am! I can eat and Long Beach can feed me.

This time I tried a really great sea food restaurant called The Big Catch. It has all kinds of LIVE seafood in the window, and everything is very open concept so you can watch the chefs cook. I personally love this idea because it makes me feel like I am apart of the process in creating my food.





The menu of featured dishes were at the top of the kitchen on a chalk board which brought great character into the restaurant. This menu allowed you to create your own “jambalaya” type dish which included a fish and side and a sauce! IMG_2094

I loved this idea because I am the type of person who can never choose what I want from a standard menu, plus one of my biggest pet peeves, is reading a new menu. It drives me crazy!

I ordered the King Lobster, Corn on the Cobb with Cajun Lemon Pepper Sauce. Let me tell you….. This food was SOOOOOOO freaking good! It had so much flavor to it, the cajun lemon pepper sauce gave it a little kick while providing sweetness at the same time.

Big Catch Blog

Big Catch Blog Post

My only complaint would have to be there was too much space in my bowl! I wanted there to be more food for the price. This meal came out to be around $43 and I ordered water. The lobster was delicious beyond compare, but I just wanted a little more. But all in all I ate like a queen!

Don’t forget to check out this restaurant on Instagram for the closest location to you! Get yo seafood on!

Stay Chic. Stay Fabulous. Stay Fierce. BYYYYEEEEE


Big Catch


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