MY M.I.S. Experience

HTML= The Key To Myspace

I remember way back when Myspace came out way back when and you were able to design and create using HTML. This being creating backgrounds, updating music lists, creating moveable backgrounds, and so much more. I loved being able to customize and update my profile using HTML. There were so many presets and custom coding you could do!

That is about the only experience I have with HTML, I have been influenced by mainstream social media which is all “coded” behind the scenes. I would love to learn more about if the social profiles we have now all code, and use HTML, I know they all do I am curious to know what exactly they use and if they create their own coding to make parts of their websites pop.

For the future, MIS is definitely going to be important because off all the current media going digital. I need to be able to understand how to code in a fast and quality manner. Social Media, and digital marketing mediums are taking over the new wave of how people interact with each other, businesses, and even their families. Understanding how to code as an individual is going to be a significantly useful tool to understand especially if you are moving into the business world. Business is now all digital and that is the way of the world currently and of the next 28 years at least.

Here’s the other thing, were just getting started!

Building websites, creating custom consumer friendly databases is going to be important to know how to do because that will be the way of the business world. As a business they are going to need people on their teams who know and understand how people are wired and using technology and digital platforms on a daily basis. If companies are able to develop their own digital tactics by learning, and understanding HTML, they will develop higher capital for themselves, as well as be ahead of their industry on a design, engagement, and outreach basis.




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